2015 Applications

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Round 1: Team, Technology, and Business Model

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Complete your online application today. The questions are structured to tell us about your business model, technology, and team. There will be one application for both seed and growth applicants in which we will ask you to indicate the path you are applying for. Review these links to:

+ Determine if you are seed or growth
+ Get to know our 2015 topic areas and Hawaii’s energy system

+ Review our FAQs and a recording of our online info session

+ Review and prepare responses to our application questions before transferring them to our online form and hitting submit starting June 1

Deadline: Online applications are due by 5:00 PM HST on June 30, 2014, but we encourage you to submit your application earlier. Submissions after 5:00 PM HST on June 30, 2014 will not be considered.

Next Steps: By July 9, we will notify you of our Round 1 decisions.


Round 2: Financial, References, and Video

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We will be taking a deeper dive into your business model, technology, and team. Prepare to submit the following items between July 9 and July 16.

+ Financial statements: Balance sheet, income statement/projections, and statement of cash flows

+ Accountants and legal representation (names and contact info)

+ Professional references: 3 people outside of your company

+ Customer list: Comprehensive list of your paying customers and a point of contact for each

+ Investor list & cap table: Comprehensive list of your investors and a point of contact for each

+ Customer documents: Customer discovery results, customer letters, and/or MOUs

+ 3-minute video: Company, team, and technology overview (please show us how your technology works in a real-world environment or in a lab setting)

+ Technical one pager: One-page overview of your technology describing what it is and how it works (please include technical references or testimonials)

+ One-page executive summary

+ Additional questions: After reviewing your application, we may have additional questions. Please submit your answers to them with the other documents listed above.

Deadline: The above items are due by 5:00 PM HST on July 16, but we encourage you to submit earlier.

Next steps: By August 11, we will notify you of our Round 2 decisions.

Round 3: Interviews

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In Round 3, we want to get to know you and your team. To do this we will be conducting 30-minute interviews.

Next steps: This is the final stage before selections are made on September 15.



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We will select 8 seed-stage startups and 6 growth-stage companies for our 2015 cohort.